• 3:29

MamaLuigi22 One Pervy day, Trump's grave was burried

  • two days later, lightning strikes the grave
  • out rises Trump, ready for revenge
  • 3:30

TheEnderGamer Deadpool is smoking

  • 3:31

MamaLuigi22 Pervy is writing Deadpool X Pervy fanfiction

  • The news pops on, reveling Trump has been spotted in Mexico City
  • 3:33

TheEnderGamer Mexican: WHY ARE YOU HERE GET OUT

  • Multiple mexicans beat the crap out of Trump
  • 3:33

MamaLuigi22 Trump: I will build the wall! (Which I actually support don't sue)

  • Trump: THEN execute you by claiming your illegal even if your legal okay?! I have bigger fish to fry
  • 3:34

TheEnderGamer They shoot him

  • 3:36

MamaLuigi22 Trump barley manages to fall into his hidden escape pod, managing to make it back into the U.S.

  • Pervy: Deadpool,
  • 3:37

TheEnderGamer Deadpool slaps his hands on his cheeks

  • 3:37

MamaLuigi22 Pervy slaps his hands on his d*ck

  • 3:39

TheEnderGamer Deadpool: *grabs shotgun and cocks it* Let's go blow the crap out of that f***er

  • 3:39

MamaLuigi22 Pervy: He's a f*cker? That wimp is a virgin boy

  • Meanwhile, Trump presses a button, sending missiles towards the two...
  • 3:41

TheEnderGamer Deadpool does cool flips over them

  • 3:42

MamaLuigi22 Pervy allows them to go up his *ss, then farts them back out in reverse to trump. Trump barley has time to escape

  • 3:43

TheEnderGamer Deadpool: Your d*** is so small, you need a microscope looking at a magnifying glass to look at it

  • Deadpool: To be honest you probably don't have one
  • 3:44

MamaLuigi22 Pervy: Wade, that's a bit generous. I don't think you'd be able to see it...oh yeah I remember, in the previous entry we discovered he's a lesbian remember?

  • 3:44

TheEnderGamer Deadpool: Wait, yeah he doesn't have a d***

  • 3:46

MamaLuigi22 Pervy: Let's go find out and take him out

  • 3:47

TheEnderGamer Deadpool drives in the deadpool mobile

  • 3:47

MamaLuigi22 Pervy rides in his penis shaped car

  • 3:48

TheEnderGamer The wheels are balls

  • 3:48

MamaLuigi22 YES

  • YES
  • YES!!!!!!
  • 3:48

TheEnderGamer YES!!!

  • YES!!!
  • -m bison
  • 3:48

MamaLuigi22 and out of the exhaust port, comes c*m

  • maybe that's a bit far
  • 3:49

TheEnderGamer yea

  • 3:49

MamaLuigi22 Forget I said that...continue!

  • okay, out comes pee
  • 3:51


  • They arrive
  • 3:51

MamaLuigi22 They arrive at a giant wall, built by trump

  • 3:51

TheEnderGamer Deadpool: Watch this

  • Deadpool: *breathes in and out* HAAAAAAAA *smashes wall open with sledgehammer*
  • 3:53

MamaLuigi22 Pervy: Not gonna lie, I'm kinda turned on

  • 3:53

TheEnderGamer Deadpool winks at Pervy

  • 3:54

MamaLuigi22 Pervy: Hate to break it to you, but I thought of trump, so now I'm turned off

  • 3:54

TheEnderGamer Deadpool: F***ING TRUMP

  • Deadpool: Let's go kick his a**
  • 3:55

MamaLuigi22 Pervy: That shouldn't be hard. His *ss is in Shambles for all his buttsex

  • 3:55

TheEnderGamer Deadpool: hah

  • 3:56

MamaLuigi22 Trump: I heard that! (Pulls out gun and shoots Pervy's foot)

  • 3:56

TheEnderGamer Deadpool kicks Trump in the face

  • 3:57

MamaLuigi22 Trump: Now how can I suck d*ck?!?! AHHH!!! (Kicks Deadpool in the balls)

  • 3:58

TheEnderGamer Deadpool: CU-UP! *shoryukens Trump in the face, knocking out some teeth and knocking off his cornstalk hair

  • 3:59

MamaLuigi22 Pervy: Go Deadpool! (Eats popcorn)

  • 3:59

TheEnderGamer Deadpool shoots a flamethrower at Trump, also burning the cornstalk hair

  • 4:00

MamaLuigi22 Trump turns into his true ultimate form: DONALD TRUMPCARD! (Get it, cuz TRUMPCARDs are like op)

  • 4:00

TheEnderGamer lmao

  • 4:01

MamaLuigi22 Donald shoots poo out of his *ss

  • 4:02

TheEnderGamer Deadpool dodges it

  • Deadpool shoots at Trump with pistols
  • 4:02

MamaLuigi22 Trump trips, and falls

  • Trump: I fell on the ground with a Donald thump!
  • 4:05

TheEnderGamer Deadpool stabs Trump in the back with a katana

  • 4:06

MamaLuigi22 The trump is revealed to be a robotic decoy, and the real trump kicks both of them back

  • 4:06

TheEnderGamer Btw deadpool will finish off trump in an amazing way

  • Deadpool shoots Trump in the knees with his pistols
  • 4:07

MamaLuigi22 Trump losses his balance

  • 4:08

TheEnderGamer Deadpool stomps on Trump's head

  • 4:09

MamaLuigi22 Pervy prepares to f*ck the dead body

  • ghen he realized he'd get all the stds
  • so he stopped preparing
  • 4:09

TheEnderGamer Wait he died?

  • 4:09

MamaLuigi22 no, he was getting ready for it

  • he wasn't dead yet
  • 4:09

TheEnderGamer k

  • Deadpool suplexes Trump
  • 4:12

MamaLuigi22 Pervy gets bored and starts f*cking popcorn

  • 4:12

TheEnderGamer you frisky boy

  • 4:13

MamaLuigi22 Pervy hands Deadpoop a dildo shaped sword to finish him with

  • 4:13

TheEnderGamer Deadpool*

  • Deadpool: Nah, I have something better
  • Deadpool pulls out a power drill
  • Deadpool: Prepare thy anus for power drill
  • Deadpool drills Trump's a**
  • 4:14

MamaLuigi22 Pervy: When your done with him, can you do me?

  • 4:15

TheEnderGamer Deadpool: It hurts

  • 4:16

MamaLuigi22 Trump: MY *SS! This is almost as hard as my job with Romney!

  • shots fired
  • 4:17


  • Deadpool drills Pervy's a**
  • 4:17

MamaLuigi22 Pervy: YEAH!!!!

  • Pervy: Moment please (blocks the audience as Moaning sounds are heard)
  • 4:20

TheEnderGamer wait is what i think is happening happening

  • 4:20


  • 4:20

TheEnderGamer =|

MamaLuigi22 K

  • Cool
  • 4:21

TheEnderGamer Thx

  • I'm thinking about using him in RPs
  • Anyways RP
  • 4:22

MamaLuigi22 30 minutes later

  • 4:24

TheEnderGamer Deadpool: FINISH HIM!

  • 4:24

MamaLuigi22 (had to test it out)

  • 4:25

TheEnderGamer Deadpool rips off Trump's head with his spine attached

  • 4:25

MamaLuigi22 Pervy: How will we creativily end the rp? We already did the limo last time!

  • 4:26

TheEnderGamer Deadpool: With referencing!

  • The screen turns red except for around Deadpool's torso to head
  • Deadpool: That's all, folks!
  • It turns completely red
  • 4:27

MamaLuigi22 Inside the theatre after the credits...

  • 4:28

TheEnderGamer Deadpool: Ahhh, memories...

  • 4:29

MamaLuigi22 Pervy: If you'll excuse me, I have to jack off to that sexy rp!

  • 4:29

TheEnderGamer Deadpool: Mkay

  • 4:30

MamaLuigi22 Pervy:...will you join me?

  • 4:30

TheEnderGamer Deadpool: yes

  • 4:31

MamaLuigi22 Pervy and Deadpool gaze into each other's Pervy's beard hair tickles Wade's chin (wtf did I just write?)

  • 4:32

TheEnderGamer lmao

  • -THE END-