MamaLuigi22 Bowser: Chef Pee Pee!!!! We need to arrive for the crossover! 6:09 Devingee this icon change is taking way longer than I thought 6:09 Waluigiofthegods Chef PeePee:Crossover? 6:10 MamaLuigi22 bowser: Yes! Deadpool told me we'd be in crossover!!! SO GO!!!! Devingee has joined the chat. 6:11 Waluigiofthegods Chef PeePee:But what about Junior? 6:11 MamaLuigi22 Bowser: I killed him 6:11 Devingee gtg 6:11 TheEnderGamer bOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6:11 MamaLuigi22 Bowser: Jk, I lent Jim to Mr. Winkle 6:11 TheEnderGamer also nice pic lol 6:11 Devingee bye bye 6:12 MamaLuigi22 Bye 6:12 Waluigiofthegods Chef PeePee:Ok then. 6:12 MamaLuigi22 bye 6:12 Waluigiofthegods Bye 6:12 MamaLuigi22 Not u i meant to say it twice cuz Devin accidentally said it twice i was trying to be a smart *ss Devingee has left the chat. 6:14 Waluigiofthegods He left Canada is asleep 6:14 MamaLuigi22 I know that. NVM 6:14 TheEnderGamer TANKS FOR TELLING ME THAT HE LEFT BECAUSE I CAN'T READ AND STUFF SO I DIDN'T SEE DAT TANKS U 6:14 MamaLuigi22 WOW I LEARNED SO MUCH TANKS U 6:15 TheEnderGamer IKR 6:15 Waluigiofthegods 0 6:15 TheEnderGamer 1 6:15 MamaLuigi22 2 6:15 Beckitten27 rp 6:15 TheEnderGamer 3 ok 6:15 MamaLuigi22 4 now I'm done 6:15 TheEnderGamer 5 6:15 MamaLuigi22 or am I?! 6 u 6:15 TheEnderGamer 7 6:15 MamaLuigi22 u, real smart Ml22! Anywho 6:16 Waluigiofthegods Canada is asleep 6:17 MamaLuigi22 Suddenly SML's Mama Luigi runs in squealing and hits canada Waking Canada up 6:17 Waluigiofthegods Canada:Ow! What was that for!? 6:18 MamaLuigi22 Mama Luigi: You touched my nickel! 6:18 Beckitten27 beck is sitting in her house doing nothing 6:18 MamaLuigi22 SML Shrek: (to beck) Donkey where's my cheesecake 6:19 Beckitten27 Beck: i don't know! 6:19 MamaLuigi22 Shrek: Donkey don't play with me right now 6:19 Waluigiofthegods Canada:No i didn't! I was asleep! 6:20 MamaLuigi22 Mama Luigi: (squeals and runs away giggling) ... 6:21 Waluigiofthegods Jeffy:Hello, my name's Jeffy and i want to shove a pencil up my nose. 6:22 MamaLuigi22 Mama Luigi: No! (Takes Jeffy's pencil and stuffs it up HIS nose) 6:23 Waluigiofthegods Jeffy cries 6:23 MamaLuigi22 Mama Luigi: Ooh! Sounds fun! (Starts crying as well) 6:23 Waluigiofthegods Canada:Time for some breakfast. 6:24 MamaLuigi22 Mama Luigi is revealed to have eaten all of Canada's food 6:24 Waluigiofthegods Canada:Now I'm gonna starve! 6:25 MamaLuigi22 Shrek: Donkey I know this is a bad time but where is my cheesecake mister Canadian Donkey 6:26 Waluigiofthegods Canada:Mama Luigi ate the cheesecake. *points to Mama Luigi* 6:27 MamaLuigi22 Shrek: Mama Donkey! If you eat my cheesecake, I'm gonna eat your nickel (eats Mama Luigi's nickel) Mama Luigi: WHEEEEEW!!!! (Attacks Shrek)