Jeffy: wanna see my pencil? 5:08 MamaLuigi22 Mario: sigh, yes Jeffy, I want to see your pencil User909 has come to chat. Weegee has followed. 5:09 Pickleodeon Jeffy: Itsh stuck! :C 5:09 MamaLuigi22 Mario: Damn it Jeffy! 5:10 Pickleodeon Shrek: OH DONKEH I NEED TA FART Jeffy starts spanking his diaper 5:10 MamaLuigi22 Mario: Shrek, I tell you what. I'll buy you more cheesecake if you babysit Jeffy 5:10 TheEnderGamer Hey 909 5:10 ADgee ohhey 909 5:11 Pickleodeon

  • Shrek farts, causing a nuclear apocaylpse*

5:11 MamaLuigi22 Jesus Christ that went downhill fast XD 5:11 User909 Yo AD buddy 5:11 Pickleodeon hi 909 5:12 MamaLuigi22 Mario: To the bunker! 5:12 Pickleodeon Black Yoshi: OH FOLK, WHERE'S MY GLOCK?! 5:12 User909 Hi 5:12 TheEnderGamer no greeting for me? 5:12 Pickleodeon Shrek: I am taking OGRE! 5:12 MamaLuigi22 Bowser: CHEF PEE PEE! CARRY ME TO THE BUNKER! 5:12 Pickleodeon why is it snowing on the first day of spring 5:13 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee grabs Bowser but falls over Due to his weight User909 has been tracked and ambushed by Weegee. 5:13 Pickleodeon Shrek starts flying with his farts and starts dropping atomic craps User909 has come to chat. Weegee has followed. 5:14 MamaLuigi22 Bowser: Chef Pee Pee, you are so weak! L.J.S guy has been tracked and ambushed by Weegee. L.J.S guy has come to chat. Weegee has followed. 5:14 MamaLuigi22 Bowser Junior jumps on Chef Pee Pee as well 5:15 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee: MY BACK 5:15 MamaLuigi22 Bowser: Whatever, just head to the bunker! the cast (besides Shrek) manage to make it into the bunker, before Shrek's new fart sends nuclear radiation throughout the land 5:16 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee starts crawling in my skin to the bunker 5:16 MamaLuigi22


5:16 Pickleodeon Bowser Jr.: Mein Vater, ich habe wieder aus der Militärschule kommen, und ich kann jetzt nur noch Deutsch sprechen. Ich bin auch nicht mehr ein verzogenes Gör. 5:16 MamaLuigi22 What's up with the German? He isn't smart enough to know more then one language 5:17 Pickleodeon translate it 5:17 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee: What the heck are you saying? ArmageddongeeITA has been tracked and ambushed by Weegee. User909 has been tracked and ambushed by Weegee. 5:17 ADgee A blocky OC was seen wandering around_ 5:17 Pickleodeon Jeffy: He's sayin, "My father, I have come back from military school and I can only speak german now. I am also no longer a spoiled brat."

  • saying

User909 has come to chat. Weegee has followed. 5:17 MamaLuigi22 Mario:...well holy sh*t 5:18 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee: NOT A SPOILED BRAT?! 5:18 Pickleodeon Jeffy: ..can I have some gween beans? 5:18 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee screams in happiness 5:19 MamaLuigi22 Mario: Military School worked so well for Junior...I suddenly have a good idea for an episode! 5:19 Pickleodeon Bowser Jr.:Sehr gut, jetzt sollten wir einen Kaffee zusammen trinken?

5:19 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee: Translate please? 5:20 Pickleodeon Jeffy: I want gween beans first L.J.S guy has been tracked and ambushed by Weegee. 5:20 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee: Sure thing *starts cooking* User909 has been tracked and ambushed by Weegee. 5:20 MamaLuigi22 Chef Poo Poo: Can I help? 5:21 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee: who are you? (or was he in an episode I haven't seen) 5:21 MamaLuigi22 He's his clone they know each other 5:21 TheEnderGamer ok 5:21 MamaLuigi22 Chef Poo Poo is his dumb clone 5:21 Pickleodeon Black Yoshi: Convenient dis bunker has a kitchen. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch. Yo ass betta cook me up a shitload of dat good-good? 5:21 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee: Yeah sure thing Chef Pee Pee: WAIT Chef Pee Pee: You're gonna screw it up aren't you? 5:22 Pickleodeon Mama Luigi runs in and screeches 5:22 MamaLuigi22 Chef Poo Poo: No no no, I'm going to screw it DOWN, silly Pee Pee Mario: Mama Luigi?!?! 5:22 Pickleodeon Normal Luigi comes in Luigi: He can't talk without Zeke Luigi: CALL THE BROOKLYN GUY?! 5:23 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee: ... Chef Pee Pee continues working on the green beans 5:23 MamaLuigi22 Bowser: Why doesn't he just find a new voice actor like me? I was voiced by Zeke early on, and IM still showing up Chef Poo Poo pours red paint on the beans Chef Poo Poo: Now they are red beans! 5:24 Pickleodeon Bowser Jr.:Das ist also die Mama Luigi, dass die Menschen Logan bat in meinem alten Videos Kommentare Abschnitte wieder zu holen? 5:24 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee: POO POO!!!!! Cody: Ha! You said Poo Poo! 5:25 Pickleodeon Jeffy: Wed Beans! :D User909 has come to chat. Weegee has followed. 5:25 Pickleodeon Bowser Jr.: Was machst du denn hier, Cody? 5:25 TheEnderGamer Cody: What? 5:26 MamaLuigi22 ???: Chew...wee...boy! (Woody back flips over Chef Pee Pee, and lands in front of Jeffy) 5:26 Pickleodeon Mama Brookuigi Jr.: Use ze Google Translate! 5:26 MamaLuigi22 Woody: Who's you uncle Woody? (To Jeffy) 5:26 TheEnderGamer Cody: Sorry, I don't have a phone 5:26 Pickleodeon Jeffy: ...wanna see my pencil? 5:26 MamaLuigi22 Woody: Can I draw Shrimpos? User909 has been tracked and ambushed by Weegee. ArmageddongeeITA has come to chat. Weegee has followed. 5:27 Pickleodeon Mama Brookuigi Jr.: Finish Jeffy's green beans so he can translate Junior's german. Jeffy: why? 5:27 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee works on the green beans 5:28 MamaLuigi22 Chef Poo Poo pours blue paint on the beans Poo Poo: Blue beans! 5:28 Pickleodeon Jeffy: What happened to the wed beans? :( 5:28 MamaLuigi22 Poo Poo: Don't cry (cries before Mario stops him) 5:28 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee: I'LL MAKE YOU RED BEANS IF HE STOPS PUTTING PAINT ON HIM

  • them

Chef Pee Pee makes red beans 5:29 MamaLuigi22 Poo Poo pours yellow paint on the beans AND Pee Pee Poo Poo: Yellow Pee Pee and Yellow beans! 5:29 Pickleodeon Mama Brookuigi Jr.: Call the brooklyn guy! He might be able to find a new voice actor for Mama Luigi. Maybe he can tell us how he got ressurected! Shrek: (muffled) OH SHIT, I HAVE DIE-ARRHEA! 5:30 MamaLuigi22 Mario: Oh god! (Runs away from Shrek) 5:30 TheEnderGamer gtg L.J.S guy has come to chat. Weegee has followed. 5:30 Pickleodeon Shrek is above, causing the apocalypse, remember? 5:30 TheEnderGamer byeeeeeeeee :( 5:30 Pickleodeon bye Ender :( 5:30 MamaLuigi22 Oh yeah I forgot ENDER NO!!!!


L.J.S guy has been tracked and ambushed by Weegee. 5:31 Pickleodeon At least I'm still here, right? Everyone hears a knock on the door TheEnderGamer has been tracked and ambushed by Weegee. Devingee has come to chat. Weegee has followed. 5:32 Devingee hi...? 5:32 Pickleodeon Black Yoshi: Oh folk, I found mah glock n' I be locked n loaded ta bop-bop tha biiiatch all up in tha door!

Mario: Who's there? Mario: We have to do something about Shrek's takeoverDude your not very commited7:31Pickleodeonsorry I was watching an SML Movie XDAnyway back to the RPBlack Yoshi: You're right, folk7:32MamaLuigi22I was watching a sort of crossover between SML and another plush tuber7:32PickleodeonWhat?7:32MamaLuigi22You know Zeke?7:32PickleodeonyeahI don't visit his channel very often7:33MamaLuigi22Well he did voice work for another plush series after he left Logan. It was only for two episodes as a guest appearance7:33Pickleodeonok7:33MamaLuigi22AnywhoMario: What are we going to do?!7:34PickleodeonKnocking is still heard at the door7:34MamaLuigi22Mario decides to open it7:35PickleodeonI'm thinking of who's behind it7:35MamaLuigi22Then I'll wait7:36PickleodeonNo one's thereMama Brookuigi Jr.: Weird.7:37MamaLuigi22Mario: Something isn't right here...7:38PickleodeonBrooklyn Guy suddenly appears thereBrooklyn Guy: Sorry, I dropped my gun7:38MamaLuigi22Mario: is your name?7:38PickleodeonJeffy: Where are my wed beans?Brooklyn Guy: Brooklyn Guy.7:39MamaLuigi22Mario: But that's a nickname. What's your real name?7:39PickleodeonBrooklyn Guy: Deez NutsBrooklyn Guy: No seriously, my parents hated me.7:40MamaLuigi22Mario: Well...that sucks. Ever notice how literally everyone is an idiot besides you, me, and Chef Pee Pee?7:41PickleodeonMama Brookuigi Jr.: *clears throat*7:42MamaLuigi22Mario: Sorry. This is your first appearance, it's too early to judge7:42PickleodeonMama Brookuigi Jr. Oh.Brookyln Guy: So anyway, I have a new voice for Mama Luigi7:43MamaLuigi22Logan (from the sky): Stop breaking the 4th wall! The joke will get old then Dabhdude (a fan of theirs) will complain too much!Mario: Who?Mario: Who's the new voice for Mama Luigi?7:44PickleodeonChris Netherton takes off the Brooklyn Guy pupper*puppetChris: me.Chris puts the puppet back on7:45MamaLuigi22Logan shows himself to ChrisLogan: The fans won't like itLovell shows himself as well7:46PickleodeonDabhdude: -9000/10 >:(Lovell: I would be a better voice7:46MamaLuigi22SML Reviewer: (insert random cutaway gag with Dab's face smacked onto someone)Logan: Actually...I want to voice himChilly: No me!Elaina: No me!7:47PickleodeonShrek: Shut up! I'm the apocalypse causer, not you!Shrek: You all voice him! happy?Dabhdude: fair enough*The fourth wall is put back up*7:48MamaLuigi22Mario: What just happened?7:50PickleodeonMama Luigi: YEE! I can talk again! *screech*Jeffy: Where's my wed beans?7:50MamaLuigi22Mario: In a f*cking minute Jeffy!!!!!!!!Chef Pee Pee: Jesus Christ Mario7:51PickleodeonMama Brookuigi Jr.: Nice to have the Mama Luigi we know back.A fart explosion is heard. The power is out and only the gas works.7:53MamaLuigi22Mario: But won't Logan get mad because fans will complain when he spams Bowser JuniorChef Pee Pee: Damn it we just fixed the 4th wall Mario!7:55PickleodeonThe ceiling of the bunker is split open by shrekShrek: STOP BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL!Jeffy: MY WED BEA-Everyone wakes up in a maze7:57MamaLuigi22Mario:...s-s-Shrek?7:58PickleodeonShrek: (echoed from distance) It's all ogre now.7:59MamaLuigi22Mario: I have a proposition for you Shrek7:59PickleodeonShrek: (echoed from distance) What?8:00MamaLuigi22Mario: I will give you $1000 worth of cheesecake if you come down and stop this chaos8:01PickleodeonShrek: Donkeh, this isn't about chiscaek8:01MamaLuigi22Mario: Then what is it about?!8:03PickleodeonShrek: I'm tired of being the butt of all jokes in these videos! I want to be taken more seriously around here. Get you and all of your friends to the end of this maze and I will tell you more.8:03MamaLuigi22Mario: What?! O-ok...I'll do it. Come on guys!8:03PickleodeonThey're all seperated8:04MamaLuigi22He's talking about his friends in his general area. Remember, Jeffy and Chef Pee Pee8:05PickleodeonMeanwhile in another part of the maze, Bowser Jr., Mama Brookuigi Jr. wake up in the same room.*and8:05MamaLuigi22(Can Bowser be there?)8:06Pickleodeon(sure(*(sure)...8:09MamaLuigi22What? I'm wating for your response8:09PickleodeonohBowser Jr.: Wo sind wir?8:10MamaLuigi22Bowser: Shut up I need to think!8:11PickleodeonMama Brookuigi Jr.: Stop fighting.8:11MamaLuigi22Bowser: Ok fine!!!!8:12PickleodeonMama Brookuigi Jr.: I see a light over by that tree.8:13MamaLuigi22Bowser: Then let's go!8:14PickleodeonBowser Jr.: Bewegung! Bewegung! Bewegung!8:14MamaLuigi22Bowser, Mama Brookuigi Jr, and Junior head to the light8:15PickleodeonIt is coming from a torch inside a suspicious cranny with class covering its entranceMama Brookuigi Jr.: What is this?8:17MamaLuigi22Bowser: I don't know!8:18PickleodeonBowser Jr.: Vielleicht, wenn wir es zu öffnen ...8:20MamaLuigi22Bowser: Shut up son! I liked you better before you went to military school!8:20PickleodeonBowser Jr.: Wenigstens bin ich nicht laut, dumm lästigen Bengel.8:21MamaLuigi22Bowser: Shut the hell up!8:24PickleodeonGo to google translate if it bothers you so bad...8:26MamaLuigi22It doesnt8:26Pickleodeonok8:26MamaLuigi22i just had to stay in character. Bowser wouldn't know8:26PickleodeonMama Brookuigi Jr.: Too bad Jeffy the translator isn't here.Mama Brookuigi breaks the glass with a crowbarThe torch is actually a lever!8:27MamaLuigi22Bowser spits in shock (like a spit take)8:27PickleodeonIt opens a chamber and frees Black Yoshi and Woody8:27MamaLuigi22Woody: Chewy boy!8:29PickleodeonBlack Yoshi: Yes muthafucka! I be up son! Now wherez mah kool-aid?8:29MamaLuigi22Bowser: Finally! People I don't hate! Uh...sorry Brookuigiyour using Gizoogle for Black Yoshi aren't you?8:29PickleodeonMama Brookuigi Jr.: Gee, thanks.Yes I am  :P8:30MamaLuigi22I could tell  ;)8:31PickleodeonBowser Jr.: Wo gehen wir jetzt hin? Dieser Weg wird in drei bis voraus.8:32MamaLuigi22Bowser: Junior, say one more German thing. Do it. I dare you8:33PickleodeonBowser Jr.: Text_will_be_replace_with_username ist die beste Person in der Welt!8:33MamaLuigi22XD fail8:33PickleodeonIk, but it'll work in the article8:34MamaLuigi22Bowser: THATS IT! (Grabs Belt and beats Junior) sky dig*dog8:34PickleodeonBowser Jr.: Das tut nicht weh. *puts Bowser in a headlock*8:35MamaLuigi22Bowser: Holy shit what the f*ck?! (Punches Junior)8:36PickleodeonBowser Jr. starts spinning around Bowser by the tail and throws him, SM64 style8:37MamaLuigi22Bowser: What have I done?! I made my child too strong for me to abuse!8:37PickleodeonBowser smashes the wall and reveals a sign8:38MamaLuigi22Bowser: What is that?!8:38Pickleodeon(Do you understand a foregin language)(?)8:38MamaLuigi22Noi dont8:38Pickleodeon(oh)The sign says "The correct way is straight*8:38MamaLuigi22Suddenly Mario and his crew enter after Mario's hears the fight8:39PickleodeonJeffy: WHERE'S MY WED BEANS?!Suddenly they encounter a mob of MinotaursAnd wall slimes8:40MamaLuigi22Mario: Black Yoshi...pull out your glock8:41Pickleodeonand a few other giant bugs I forget the name ofBlack Yoshi: On dat shit.8:41MamaLuigi22Mario hides behind Black Yoshi8:42PickleodeonBowser Jr.: Militärschule , nicht scheitern mich jetzt nicht!8:42MamaLuigi22however, Mario saw a Minotaur kill Rosalina8:42PickleodeonJeffy: He said, "Military School, don't fail me now!"8:42MamaLuigi22Mario: R-Rosalina?! (Looks at the dead body) AHHH!!!! (Grabs Black Yoshi's glock and starts shooting at them while screaming)8:42PickleodeonChef Pee Pee: Holy shit...Black Yoshi: Folk! Folk! Give mah glock back!Mama Brookuigi Jr.: Wow...all the monsters die8:44MamaLuigi22Mario: I...I'm mad now8:44PickleodeonBlack Yoshi: There appears ta be a lil' small-ass arena straight ahead.Mama Brookuigi Jr.: There is one way to revive Rosalina, but it's complicated.8:45MamaLuigi22Mario: then let's do it!!! Please!8:46PickleodeonMama Brookuigi Jr. First, we need the DNA of Mama Luigi, Brooklyn Guy, and Bowser Jr.*:Luigi: (In the distance) MAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!8:47MamaLuigi22Mario: Luigi!Mario: Give me some blood!8:48PickleodeonBlack Yoshi: We need ta go all up in tha lil' small-ass arena! Thatz where tha soundz comin from!8:48MamaLuigi22Mario: Let's go!!! (Sprints down even faster then Sonic the Hedgehog)8:49PickleodeonMinoshroom: STOP RIGHT THERE: YOU KILLED HALF MY ARMY!(Wait, should it be 1/4, 1/3, or 1/2, or something else?)8:50MamaLuigi22Idkthe storythe story?8:50Pickleodeoneh, pick one if you feel like it8:51MamaLuigi22I feel like we should be like 1/2 way done8:51PickleodeonOkBowser Jr.: Was zum Henker ist das?!Jeffy: He said, "What the heck is that?!"Jeffy: Now where are my wed beans?8:52MamaLuigi22Mario: I don't know Jeffy8:52PickleodeonMama Brookuigi Jr.: NOT THE TIME, JEFFY!Minoshroom: Prepare to die!*BOSS FIGHT*Minoshroom has 120 hp8:53MamaLuigi22Mario shoots at Minoshroom8:54PickleodeonAll the heroes have 20 hp (except for Bowser, who has 30/40 (from Jr.'s fight) and Bowser Jr. (Who has 48/50, also from the fight))8:54MamaLuigi22Mario: Is this an RPG battle?8:54PickleodeonMinoshroom: Stop that at once! *Throws axe* *Minoshroom now has 110/120 HP*Mama Brookuigi Jr.: I guess. *The sound waves from 'I guess' take away 1 HP from Minoshroom*Minoshroom: This guy has a powerful voice. Literally.8:56MamaLuigi22(You take over, I don't know how to do this right)8:56PickleodeonBowser Jr. Strangles Minoshroom, removing 47 HP from both of themBowser Jr.: Wir sind zu ebenbürtigen, und er mehr Lebenspunkte hat. Ich bin fast tot!8:57MamaLuigi22Bowser: Holy shit my son is strong8:58PickleodeonJeffy: Wanna see my pencil? *Jeffy throws pencils at Minoshroom, putting him down to 53 HP*Minoshroom: Throws an axe at woody. He blocks it, only draining 5 hp from him instead of 10.*8:59MamaLuigi22Mario: Remind me to be nice to Jeffy9:00PickleodeonMama Brookuigi Jr. picks up the first axe Minoshroom threw and throws it back at MinoshroomMinoshroom blocks it, leaving him at 48 HP instead of 439:00MamaLuigi22(Can we wrap up the battle soonish, it's getting boring)9:00Pickleodeon(sure)Woody starts throwing Shrimpo traps everywhere, which eventually drain the rest of Minoshroom's HP.*BATTLE OVER**MARIO AND CO. WIN!*brb brushing teeth9:02MamaLuigi22Mario: Finally! (Yells to the sky) Shrek! This has gone on for too long!9:03PickleodeonShrek: Keep going!9:03MamaLuigi22Mario: No! Shrek talk to me!Mario: Come on Shrek!9:05PickleodeonShrek: Complete the three challenges I am about to mention. Then we'll talk.9:06MamaLuigi22Mario: Fine! What are they??9:06Pickleodeon1. Find the rest of your team2. Revive Rosalina3. Defeat the Leadershroom9:06MamaLuigi22Mario: Shrek! Fine! Who do we have left to find?9:07Pickleodeon(Btw I'm back now (obviously))1. Luigi3. Mama Luigi2. Brooklyn Guy4. Chef Poo Poo5. Joesph6. The guy who's a recolor of a fusion of Mario, Luigi, and Mama Luigi and realized the numbers have an incorrect orderThat is all.*By Joesph, I mean Cody9:09MamaLuigi22Bowser: D*mn it! Mama Brookuigi Jr.: Ok, so as a reminder, we still need to find these people:(No, SuperMarioLogan)10:14Devingeehehhue10:14TheEnderGamerhue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue10:14WaluigiofthegodsJeffy:Hey, wanna see my pencil?10:15Devingee[ig=""]crap10:15Pickleodeon1. Luigi3. Mama Luigi2. Brooklyn Guy4. Chef Poo Poo5. Joesph6. The guy who's a recolor of a fusion of Mario, Luigi, and Mama Luigi and realized the numbers have an incorrect orderThat is all.*By Joesph, I mean Cody10:15Devingee 10:15PickleodeonBowser Jr.: Jeffy, ist dies nicht die Zeit.L.J.S guy has come to chat. Weegee has followed. L.J.S guy has been tracked and ambushed by Weegee. 10:16MamaLuigi22Bowser: Son, you know what I told you about associating yourself with those sh*tholes (I'm not racist, Bowser is)10:17PickleodeonBowser Jr.: Hey, es ist nicht meine Schuld, ich kann nur Deutsch sprechen jetzt! Schuld, dass dumme Lehrer an der Militärschule .10:17WaluigiofthegodsCharleyyy and Friends suddenly comes onWhy are you speaking in German?10:17Devingee 10:17Pickleodeon(They are in a labyrinth)10:18WaluigiofthegodsPlease add a translation.10:18Pickleodeon(use google translate) The story so farMamaLuigi22 has been tracked and ambushed by Weegee. 10:19PickleodeonJeffy: He said, "Hey, it's not my fault I can only speak German now! Blame that stupid teacher at the Military School." Now where are my wed beans?10:19WaluigiofthegodsThanks10:19PickleodeonMario: We need to find everyone else and stop Shrek!10:20WaluigiofthegodsShrek is seen eating cheesecakeMamaLuigi22 has come to chat. Weegee has followed. 10:20Pickleodeon(Read the story so far dumb*ss)10:21WaluigiofthegodsOh.10:22TheEnderGamercrappppppppppppppppp10:22Sling KingWhat10:22TheEnderGamergtg  >:(MamaLuigi22 has been tracked and ambushed by Weegee. 10:22Sling KingBye10:22TheEnderGamerbye10:22Sling KingWhy?10:22PickleodeonMama Brookuigi Jr.: Why is Charleyyy and Friends playing on a TV in a labyrinth?bye  :(10:22TheEnderGamerCoding lessons10:22Sling KingBUT WHY?Oh10:22PickleodeonBowser: I don't know, but I like it!10:22Sling KingI need to learn code10:22Pickleodeonbritish time differences amirite  :P10:22WaluigiofthegodsCharleyyy:Hey there, I'm Charley. And today, I'm in a labyrinth.10:23TheEnderGamerseeya  :(10:23Sling KingYou should go, so you can go pursue your dreams of Unitale10:23PickleodeonCharleyyy is in the same hallway as Mario and Co.Bowser: HOLY CRAP! CHARLEYY!MamaLuigi22 has come to chat. Weegee has followed. 10:23WaluigiofthegodsThe Charleyyy and Friends theme song plays loudly10:23MamaLuigi22Read the storythat wouldn't make sense10:24PickleodeonMama scroll upTheEnderGamer has been tracked and ambushed by Weegee. 10:24WaluigiofthegodsI can't, it looks like jumbles of text, i wish the text was put in a better format, like a transcript.10:24Pickleodeontalking to mama10:25WaluigiofthegodsOh, but it still looks like that.10:25MamaLuigi22What?10:25Pickleodeonk10:26WaluigiofthegodsPlease tell me your best description of the roleplay so far.10:26PickleodeonBowser: CHARLEYYY CHARLEYYY OMG! I'M YOUR BIGGEST FAN! 10:26WaluigiofthegodsCharleyyy:Who are you?10:27MamaLuigi22Bowser: I am your biggest fan!10:27PickleodeonBasically, Shrek farts and causes a Nuclear Apocaylpse, and now he trapped them in a labyrinth.10:27DevingeeGenghis Khan's horde comes in and kills everybody10:27PickleodeonnopeSling King has been tracked and ambushed by Weegee. 10:27Pickleodeontoo op10:27WaluigiofthegodsOh, that makes sense. This sounds like Fallout to me.10:28Pickleodeonyeah. They were originally in a bunker before shrek found them...Jeffy: Where awe my wed beans?10:28Finn168719Genghis Khan's horde dies from radiation10:28WaluigiofthegodsCanada is seen eating pancakes10:28PickleodeonMario: WE'RE NOT DEAD?!10:28Finn168719Debbin is thrown to the wallOut of the chatroom'MamaLuigi22 has been tracked and ambushed by Weegee. 10:29PickleodeonMama Brookuigi Jr.: *looks at everyone* Who are all these people? 10:29WaluigiofthegodsI'm being kicked?Canada:I'm Canada. Mama Brookuigi Jr.: ...well apparently we have a living country.5:21MamaLuigi22Mario: You get used to this stuff after a while5:21PickleodeonBrooklyn Guy: Yeah.Jeffy: WHEWE AWE MY WED BEANS?5:22MamaLuigi22Mario: up your *ssMario: Sorry...that slipped5:22PickleodeonJeffy: I'm a bad boy?!Meanwhile Bowser and Charleyyy are talking5:23MamaLuigi22Bowser: (in head) Charleyyy is so beautiful!5:24PickleodeonCharleyyy: (in head) this guy sure is old for one of my fans5:25MamaLuigi22Bowser: (Mmmm....Charleyyy)(in head)5:25PickleodeonSuddenly, a bunch of monsters show up and attack Genghis Khan and Canada5:26MamaLuigi22Mario: Does this idiot go by the name "Canada"?5:26PickleodeonWoody: I guess so.User909 has left the chat. User909 has joined the chat. 5:27PickleodeonBowser Jr.: Was zum Teufel?5:28MamaLuigi22Bowser: (in head) would Charleyyy mind if I beat my f*cking stupid son?5:28User909Cacete, pq vc usa detergente liquido pra tudo?  detergente  vc ja pensou como o detergente destroi tudo?? Cara, eh quase uma “anti-matéria”, arminha de raio laser ! iuaehiuehea esse veneno derrete quase tudo, pura magia negra! rs5:29PickleodeonEveryone hears Mama Luigi screeching in the difference*distance5:30MamaLuigi22Mario: Is that...Mario: Mama Luigi's back again!5:33PickleodeonMama Brookuigi Jr.: It's coming from that way! Canada: Wait! What about us?!5:33TheEnderGamerI don't have to use a SML character do I?5:34MamaLuigi22It is advised but not necessary. But refrain from use of meme characters (they don't fit in)5:35TheEnderGamerkI'll just watch anyways5:35MamaLuigi22But your really good with Chef Pee Pee. Take him over5:36TheEnderGamerOh rightWhere is he at the moment?Also thx  :D5:37PickleodeonWith everyone else in a labyrinth5:37TheEnderGamerSo just next to the other guys5:37MamaLuigi22 Pretty much yeah5:37PickleodeonBrooklyn Guy: Screw these guys. (talking about Canada and Gengis Khan)Cody: (from distance) HELP!!!!!5:38MamaLuigi22Bowser: Let's sacrifice them for Charleyyy!5:38TheEnderGamerChef Pee Pee: You people are insane!5:38PickleodeonCharleyyy: Wow! Such a dedicated fan! *crowd laughs**GenghisCanada and Genghis Khan are sacrificed to Charleyyythe sacrifice causes Charleyyy to know the location of the missing peopleTheEnderGamer has left the chat. 5:40PickleodeonCharleyyy: Follow me!5:40MamaLuigi22Bowser: Yeah!Mario: What the heck is wrong with these people?5:41PickleodeonMama Brookuigi Jr.: I don't know.TheEnderGamer has joined the chat. 5:41MamaLuigi22Mario: dude you should probably legally change your name. Just an idea5:42PickleodeonMama Brookuigi Jr.: What are you talking about? My current name is sexy as f*ck.Everyone finally gets to a dead end4*endBlack Yoshi: Naw way folk, dis can't be a thugged-out dead end.Charleyyy: But it isn't!5:43MamaLuigi22Bowser: What's Charleyyy gonna do?5:43PickleodeonCharleyyy: But I need some menthos and diet coke.5:44MamaLuigi22Bowser: I only have cherry vanilla Diet Coke5:44PickleodeonCharleyyy: That'll work.5:44MamaLuigi22Bowser tosses him the drink5:44PickleodeonWoody: what about the menthos?The group sees a wall slime trying to eat a stampede of Menthos ShrimposWoody: Oo-wee-boy! I got this5:46MamaLuigi22Dabhdude: How convienient!Mario: Not the 4th wall again!5:46PickleodeonThe Wall slime eats DabhdudeBowser Jr.: Danke Gott.5:47MamaLuigi22Mario: Good5:47Pickleodeon*BAM* *BAM* *BAM*Woody: Ok, I got some Menthos shrimpos.Charleyyy: Ok, give them to me.5:49MamaLuigi22Woody throws them to him5:49TheEnderGamerChef Pee Pee sits in a corner not knowing what to do5:49PickleodeonCharleyyy mixes them together and points the bottle's opening towards the dead end's wallCharleyyy: Watch out!5:50MamaLuigi22Mario heads to the corner by Chef Pee Pee5:50PickleodeonCherry Vanilla Diet Coke shoots at the wall, disolving itThe remaining people are on the other side5:51MamaLuigi22Mario: Yes! Now we can meet up with Shrek!5:52TheEnderGamerChef Pee Pee: Oh, hi mario5:52PickleodeonBlack Yoshi: We still need ta defeat tha Leadershroom, folk.Black Yoshi: And revive Rosalina5:53MamaLuigi22Mario: (cries when he remembers Rosalina is dead)5:53PickleodeonJeffy: Why awe you sad?5:53TheEnderGamerChef Pee Pee: Wait, Rosalina died?!5:54PickleodeonMama Brookuigi Jr.: We have Mama Luigi, Brooklyn Guy, and Bowser Jr. Together! Now we need their DNA!5:55MamaLuigi22Mario: (cries harder cuz Chef Pee Pee mentioned Rosalina)5:55PickleodeonThe guy who's a recolor of a fusion of Mario, Luigi, and Mama Luigi and realized the numbers have an incorrect order: Wow, it's amazing what can happen when you're in the bathroom.Mama Luigi: *Happy screech*User909 has left the chat. 5:56PickleodeonLuigi: Mario, this place is scary...5:56MamaLuigi22Mario: Shut up Luigi I'm too busy being sad!5:57PickleodeonMama Brookuigi Jr. gets strands of hair from Mama Luigi, Brooklyn Guy, and JuniorFinn168719 has joined the chat. 5:57MamaLuigi22Mario: Do it5:58PickleodeonMama Brookuigi Jr.: All we need now is Rosalina's dead body and a golden egg. Look! There's a golden egg at the end of the hall!5:58MamaLuigi22Mario runs for the egg and grabs itmario runs back5:58TheEnderGamerChef Pee Pee: Let's get the hell out of here!5:59MamaLuigi22Mario: We need to revive Rosalina first!5:59Pickleodeon???: STOP RIGHT THERE! THAT'S MY GOLDEN EGG!It's the Leadershroom, a fusion of the Minoshroom, Pickleodeon, MamaLuigi22, and SreegeeIt has Pickleodeon, ML22, and Sreegee's heads, as well as several Minoshroom heads6:00TheEnderGamerChef Pee Pee: WHAT THE HECK IS THAT THING6:01PickleodeonLeadershroom: I am Shrek's right hand man, and I am here to stop you!*BOSS FIGHT*The Leadershroom has 200 HP6:01MamaLuigi22I'll just watch the battles6:01PickleodeonMusic: Luigi used screech! The Leadershroom now has 199 HP.6:02TheEnderGamerChef Pee Pee: I HAVE TO FIGHT THIS THING?!6:03PickleodeonThe guy who's a recolor of a fusion of Mario, Luigi, and Mama Luigi and realized the numbers have an incorrect order used Nintendo Systems! *Nintendo Systems rain down on the Leadershroom* The Leadershroom now has 189 HP.Luigi: Unless you're a coward...6:04TheEnderGamerChef Pee Pee used Stab!6:05PickleodeonLeadershroom now has 179 HPLeadershroom: THAT'S IT!6:05TheEnderGamerhold on6:05PickleodeonLeadershroom summons an army of Dabhdude clonesokADgee has joined the chat. User909 has joined the chat. 6:06User909Yo Finn buddy6:06Finn168719Hello 9096:06ADgeeHi9096:06User909Hi6:06ADgeeMan,I hope my parents dont..PUN-ISH ME6:06User909This is why we can't have nice things6:07TheEnderGamerBtw pickle I'm back6:07Finn168719 lolHitler got burned before waking upUser909 has left the chat. 6:08ADgeeYeahhE Got pun-ished right awyaaway*User909 has joined the chat. 6:09PickleodeonDabhdude clones: plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience plot convenience6:09TheEnderGamerChef Pee Pee stabs a dabhdude clone in the eye6:10PickleodeonThey drain 1 HP from each party member6:10MamaLuigi22Mario: Oh god no!6:10PickleodeonBowser Jr. Is downChef Poo Poo used paint!Chef Poo Poo: Purple Leadershroom!Leadershroom now has 160 HP6:11MamaLuigi22Mario uses stomp6:12ADgee-A random character appears-6:12User909Let me guess. He will explode too?6:12ADgeenope6:12PickleodeonLeadershroom now has 157 HP6:13ADgeeSans appeared6:13TheEnderGamerChef Pee Pee used Slice!6:13PickleodeonLuigi uses sucking up!6:13TheEnderGamerad this is a SML rp6:13PickleodeonThe attacks combine to make a new character!6:13TheEnderGamernot an undertale rp6:13User909An army of ??? characters appear.6:13ADgeeWhy not mix both?6:13User909Because of their ??? nature and ??? powers, ??? can be done about them6:13TheEnderGamerehnah6:13PickleodeonSlicesuckupapyrus: MOM'S SPAGHETTI!6:13ADgee>:(6:14User909SANS RETURNS6:14Finn168719The Fegel-missile hits the Leadershroom6:14PickleodeonLeadershroom now has 57 HP6:14ADgeeKILL ENDER WITH FIRE!6:14TheEnderGamernah6:14User909By the power of ???6:14TheEnderGamerI actually like undertale6:14PickleodeonLeadershroom: GODDAMNIT NOW FEGELEIN!6:14ADgee-sets Ender with fire-6:14PickleodeonFEGELEIN!6:14TheEnderGamer*pours self with water*6:14PickleodeonFEGELEIN! FEGELEIN! 6:14TheEnderGamerhah6:14User909Every Undertale character shows up6:14ADgee-including Flowey-6:15PickleodeonLuigi: Welcome to the team, Slicesuckupapyrus!Leadershroom: You can't possibly defeat me with my army of undertale characters.6:15Finn168719The army of Fegel-missiles hit the LeadershipLeadershroom*6:15TheEnderGamerHitler: NEIN! *punches Leadershroom*User909 has left the chat. 6:16PickleodeonBlack Yoshi uses Glock!6:16ADgeeSans uses a simple bone attack6:16PickleodeonThe three attacks combine to make a new character!6:16ADgeeThe new character is undefined6:16Finn168719The pencil of doom hits Black Yoshi6:16PickleodeonFegelmissleseinglockans: You're gonna have a DED time.Woody uses Shrimp traps!Leadershroom only has 1 left!6:17Finn168719Inglorious Hitler appearsInglorious Hitler: 9 9 9 9 9!6:17ADgeeSans uses Bone Attacks6:17PickleodeonWhose side is Inglorious Hitler on?6:17Finn168719Nobody6:18ADgeegtg bed6:18TheEnderGamerbye6:18MamaLuigi22Woody uses shotgunbyeADgee has left the chat. 6:18PickleodeonBowser is downLeadershroom is DEAD!User909 has joined the chat. 6:18Finn168719Fegelein appears with the head of Pervy RobotnikWhich he is grabbing it6:19Pickleodeon*BOSS FIGHT OVER*6:19Finn168719while holding a machete6:19TheEnderGamerWoody: CHEWIE BOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY *jumps at Leadershroom's body*6:19Pickleodeon*OR IS IT?!*6:19Finn168719Which it was the real head of Pervy Robotnik6:19PickleodeonThe undertale characters are still alive6:19TheEnderGamerNopejust a fake  :PThe undertale characters join the SML onesjk6:19MamaLuigi22Mario: Finally!6:19PickleodeonSlicesuckupapyrus: That's a relief.*BOSS BATTLE REALLY OVER*6:20MamaLuigi22Mario (in head): "Great", Undertale references6:20PickleodeonMama Brookuigi Jr.: All we need now is Rosalina's dead body.6:21TheEnderGamerChef Pee Pee sees itChef Pee Pee grabs it and brings it back6:21Finn168719Rosalina's dead body gets set on fire by the Fegel-Flamethrower6:21TheEnderGamerChef Pee Pee pours it with water6:21Finn168719The fire gets worser6:21PickleodeonSTOP6:21TheEnderGamer^User909 has left the chat. 6:22PickleodeonThe sprinklers come on and put out the fire6:22Finn168719(trollface)6:22MamaLuigi22(Really?)6:22Finn168719Wait a minute, no troll face?6:22Pickleodeon(troll)6:22TheEnderGamerdouble trollfaceUser909 has joined the chat. 6:22MamaLuigi22(Trolololol)6:22PickleodeonMama Brookuigi Jr.: It's time. Stand back.6:23User909Everything now has at least one Undertale referenceIncluding every lifeform's DNA6:23PickleodeonThe DNA, Golden Egg, and DNA of Mama Luigi, Brooklyn Guy, and Bowser Jr. are fused together6:24MamaLuigi22Mario: Oh yeah6:24PickleodeonMama Brookuigiosalina Jr.: Why do I look weird?! What happened to my name?! What happened to the STARRRRRRRRS?! Mama Brookuigiosalina Jr.: MARIO! Shrek: (in distance) That's some real dedication, donkeys. Great job! All you must do now is fight me.6:34MamaLuigi22Mario: You promised to explain further!6:34PickleodeonShrek: You have to find my throne room first. Good luck!Shrek farts and fills the entire labyrinth with fart gas6:35MamaLuigi22Mario: Shrek!!! (In his head: " I am so kicking him out after this")6:36PickleodeonShrek: Maybe next time you'll think twice before killing my right hand man!Fegelmissleseinglockans: Shrek's gonna have a bad time.6:38MamaLuigi22Mario: Whatever, let's find the throne room!6:39PickleodeonThe guy who's a recolor of a fusion of Mario, Luigi, and Mama Luigi and realized the numbers have an incorrect order: Yeah!

Mario: Well, let's go! (Sorry had to eat dinner)