MamaLuigi22 Weegee, Deadpool, and Pervy are in a room chatting when... 10:19 TheEnderGamer A SKELETON POOPS OUT 10:19 MamaLuigi22 Malleo walks in Malleo: Bad news Malleo: Sqeegee has been revived 10:20 TheEnderGamer Skeleton: THE FACT THAT UR GONNA HAV A BAD TIEM!?!?!!? Deadpool: Oh s*** MamaLuigi22 Malleo: He is attacking Bikini Bottom as we speak Malleo: What will we do? TheEnderGamer Weegee: We'll do what we always do Weegee: Fight back MamaLuigi22 MamaLuigi22 enters the room TheEnderGamer Sreegee, Sralleo and Srushee enter MamaLuigi22 Randy Marsh enters as well Randy: We need a plan The group heads to Bikini Bottom, where they meet Plankteegee TheEnderGamer Sreegee: not you MamaLuigi22 Plankteegee: You see, I tried to revive Sqeegee and brainwash him to fight for the Planketeegee Army, but he went solo and is destroying both the Krusty Krab army and my own. We need to put aside our differences and work together. TheEnderGamer Weegee: Deal. MamaLuigi22 Planketeegee shakes Weegee's hand. Little does anyone know, he secretly crosses his fingers behind his back unnoticed Plankteegee brings the crew to the "Chom bukit", where they come up with a plan to end Sqeegee Plankteegee sends the troops out for the mission against Sqeegee Malleo: Weegee are you ready? TheEnderGamer Weegee: Heck yeah I am MamaLuigi22 Sqeegee teleports behind Weegee, kicks him, and teleports away again TheEnderGamer Weegee looks behind him MamaLuigi22 Sqeegee teleports, drops the head of A Tode in front of the group, and teleports away again MamaLuigi22: Oh god TheEnderGamer Weegee: Ugh MamaLuigi22 Sqeegee teleports in front of the group, and blasts Plankteegee back TheEnderGamer Weegee kicks Sqeegee in the face MamaLuigi22 Sqeegee attacks Weegee Malleo punches Sqeegee TheEnderGamer Sreegee bicycle kicks Sqeegee and shoots sushi bombs at him MamaLuigi22 The battle goes on for an hour Sqeegee is defeated in a final blow by Weegee Plankteegee: So you thought you could trust me? TheEnderGamer Weegee: Oh gosh MamaLuigi22 Plankteegee: I had control the entire time. I have control. (Throws a mega mushroom on Sqeegee, and shoots him with a brainwash Ray) Sqeegee, destroy The massive Sqeegee attacks the crew TheEnderGamer plays

Everyone that can turns into their toon forms Sreegee flies up and kicks Sqeegee right in the eye Mamaluigi22 Weegee and Plankteegee duel

TheEnderGamer Sralleo charges up and falcon punches Sqeegee right in the groin

MamaLuigi22 Sqeegee steps on Malleo, Knocking him out Weegee: Malleo!

TheEnderGamer Sreegee, Sralleo and Srushee all attack Sqeegee on the chin

MamaLuigi22 Sqeegee's Brain is screwed up in the attack, and he goes crazy. He picks up Plankteegee, and throws him into the sky, where he falls away in the distance. He goes on a rampage from here

TheEnderGamer: Srushee wraps his tongue around Sqeegee's legs

MamaLuigi22 Sqeegee falls down, where he is pinned by Weegee

TheEnderGamer Sreegee: I guess that took care of him

MamaLuigi22: Randy Marsh: And the day is saved again