• 9:47Hiddenlich*Under half of the fighters from the previous tournament have returned to compete, but there are new fighters to fill the massive gap
  • 9:49Finn168719Announcer: Since the previous Incident about the intervention of some deities
  • Announcer: We announce it in some secret area.
  • 9:51HiddenlichAnnouncer 2: We have handpicked our first contestants:
  • (Who would you want to compete in this round?)
  • 9:53Finn168719Nephilimgee and a Lich
  • 9:54Hiddenlich(Okay)
  • Announcer 2: Originating from the afterlife, please welcome Nephilimgee!
  • *A door opens from the north side of the arena
  • 9:55Finn168719Nephilimgee: What the...
  • 9:56Hiddenlich*The crowd are cheering wildly
  • *The crowd is cheering wildly
  • 9:56Finn168719Nephilimgee: And then what's next.
  • 9:57HiddenlichAnnouncer 2: Our second contestant originates from the unknown territories of space
  • Announcer 2: Please welcome the outcast, the Lone Lich!
  • *Parts of the crowd cheer as the door on the west side of the arena opens to reveal the Lich
  • 9:59Finn168719Nephilimgee: A Lich...
  • 9:59Hiddenlich*The Lone Lich is wearing a Kaleesh mask over his face: 821a6ca7e463d63b1f00dc8fc32f4f63.jpg
  • Announcer 2: Contestants, do you have any inputs of which kind of environment that you would like this arena to simulate?
  • 10:01Finn168719Nephilimgee: I'll just pick some floating lands.
  • 10:01Hiddenlich*The Lone Lich nods in agreement
  • Announcer 2: The contestants have chosen an environment with floating islands!
  • *Two circles light up in the arena
  • Announcer 2: Please stand in those circles while the environment forms!
  • 10:03Finn168719Nephilimgee flies to the circles
  • 10:03Hiddenlich*The Lone Lich steps into one of the circles
  • 10:03Finn168719Nephilimgee lands into one of the circles
  • The Battle has begun

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