User909 OK
An year since the first attack of the War of the Creepy Crawlies, the Centinid Republic decided to call their allies for help. The Digomolati Kingdom became immensely stronger and many nations started to worry about him. The Digomolati Kingdom was heavily secured (even more than the Centinid Republic) and had powerful archdemons in their army, along with robots.
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3:01 Delta The Snivy (Is one of there allyes the Delta Army?)
3:01 User909 you can join in if you want
3:01 Delta The Snivy Ok
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3:02 Finn168719 Finnittania decides to assist the Centinid Republic in a war
3:02 ADgee brb dinnerç
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3:02 Beckitten27 ok
3:02 Delta The Snivy Refrence of delta's army:'s_Army
Delta (talking to his army): Guys, we're going to assist Magna Weegeepede in a war.
3:03 Hiddenlich *The Keejod Republic pledges to assist the Centinid Republic in the upcoming war
Snivy Soldier: OH MY GOD!
3:04 User909 (M.Weegeepede isn't the ruler of the Centinid Republic. Crafteegee is)
3:04 Beckitten27 beck is not sure what to do   
3:04 Delta The Snivy (ok lol)
3:04 Hiddenlich Snivy Soldier: IT'S MY FIRST WAR!
3:04 User909 The Centinid Republic accepts the Keejod Republic
3:05 Delta The Snivy Delta (Talking to Magicent): You got the supplies for this?
Magicent: Of course I do.
3:06 Beckitten27 beck: i'd better make sure i'm prepared just in case
3:07 Hiddenlich *A Keejodian fleet under the command of Crocodile Bill approaches the border of the Magna Galaxy
3:07 Delta The Snivy Delta (Talking to Craftegee): Everyone's ready in my army
3:07 Finn168719 The Finnittanian fleet also approaches the border
3:07 User909 Crafteegee: We're waiting for the Keejod and the Finnittanians...the Mi-Go, Hydregs are already there.
A legion is being formed with soldiers from different nations
3:08 Hiddenlich Neimodian Elite: General! There are multiple pings on our radar! They aren't coming from the Finnitanians!
Crocodile Bill: Which direction?
3:09 Delta The Snivy Neimodian Elite: All directions!
3:10 Finn168719 The Norish fleet also appeared
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3:11 Hiddenlich Crocodile Bill: It can't be the Norish. I want you to send key ships out across the border.
3:11 User909 Crafteegee to Delta: How well-armed is your army?
3:12 Delta The Snivy Delta: Pretty well armed
3:12 User909 Crafteegee to Delta: Hmmm, we have some weapons in our arsenal. You can borrow some if you want
3:12 Delta The Snivy Delta: Thanks
3:13 User909 (the arsenal )
3:13 Delta The Snivy Delta: Here, (hands out RCD )
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3:13 Beckitten27 beck goes off to train
3:13 Hiddenlich *Keyships are sent across the galactic border. Rockets explode as they cross it
3:14 Delta The Snivy * Delta The Snivy takes some Piercing Plasma
3:14 User909 Crafteegee contacts the Keejod, Finnittanians and Norish to ask why they didn't arrive yet
3:14 Beckitten27 beck: i'd better figure out what i'm doing, and fast.
3:15 Delta The Snivy SANISS: When are we gonna figth?
3:15 ADgee Awesominia is watching the war with popcorns and 3D glasses
3:15 Delta The Snivy Delta: Be patient Saniss.
3:15 Hiddenlich Neimodian Elite: The Centinids are questioning our absence on Fallen-82
3:16 Finn168719 The Finnittanian-Norish fleet arrives in Fallen-82 for briefing
3:16 Hiddenlich Crocodile Bill: This is getting strange
3:17 Delta The Snivy (Delta sends a video message to Neimodian Elite): Hurry up, Saniss is getting pissed, and you don't want that to happen...
3:17 Hiddenlich Neimodian Elite: They are completely unaware of the situation at-
3:17 ADgee Sans: saniss? sounds like a lame ripoff of me
3:18 Hiddenlich *The flag cruiser shakes violently
*Many gunnery stations and console explode
3:18 ADgee Sans: heh.
3:18 Delta The Snivy Delta (loosing connection): Neimodian?
3:18 Finn168719 Samus: The Saniss thingey sounds like my name...
3:19 Hiddenlich Crocodile Bill: Damn it! Send the other ships around! Barkiss, inform the-
Neimodian Elite: We've lost connection.
3:19 ADgee (Lich,can I use Sans?)
3:19 Hiddenlich (Ask 909)
3:19 ADgee (909,can I?)
3:19 Delta The Snivy (I'm Using Saniss
You are now away.
You are no longer away.
3:19 Beckitten27 i'm still trying to figure out what to do
3:19 User909 just don't ruin the plot with more UT bullshit thanks
3:19 Delta The Snivy (And yes, Saniss is a derpy Sans)
3:20 User909 so yea, you can
3:20 ADgee K
3:20 Hiddenlich Centinid Communication Manager: We have lost contact with the Keejodian fleet.
3:20 User909 Crafteegee: ...send ships to investigate
3:20 Delta The Snivy Delta: This is not good
3:20 ADgee Sans: wow,a war.
3:21 Hiddenlich Neimodian Elite: INCOMING CONTACTS FROM ALL SIDES!
*Hundreds of Myrian cruisers surround the Keejodian fleet
3:21 Finn168719 This play
3:22 Hiddenlich *The strange part is that their ships have Hydreg architecture
3:22 ADgee Sans: heh,well. *drinks some ketchup*
3:22 Hiddenlich Crocodile Bill: OPEN FIRE!
3:22 Finn168719 A slipgate portal opens to reveal hundreds of Finnittanian destroyer ships
3:22 Delta The Snivy Delta: Univereseegee! Try to figure out what's going out!
3:23 User909 Crocodile Bill hears some screams coming from his ship
3:23 Finn168719 The destroyer ships started firing Ion Beams at the Myrian cruisers
3:23 User909 Some of the Ion Beams are deflected and destroy the destroyers instead
3:24 Hiddenlich *The shields and armor of the Myrian cruisers do not fluctuate or do not become damaged
3:24 Delta The Snivy (Univereseegee can't find him)\
3:24 Beckitten27 beck: i just want to help
3:24 Hiddenlich Neimodian Elite: Our life support systems have been damaged
3:24 Delta The Snivy URSG: Nope.
Crocodile Bill: GIVE ME A CAMERA VIEW!
3:25 Finn168719 Finnittanian Flagship sends fighter ships to Crocodile Bill's space dock
3:25 Delta The Snivy Magicent: I think I know what's taking them so long....
3:25 Hiddenlich *The flag cruiser's screens switch to the live surveillance footage
Crocodile Bill: ...
3:25 User909 Crocodile Bill sees in the cameras some of his soldiers being slaughtered by demons.
3:25 Delta The Snivy Magicent: There being attacked
3:26 Hiddenlich Crocodile Bill: How did they breach0
3:26 Finn168719 The Finnittanian soldiers appeared in the hangar
The Finnittanian soldiers started shooting down numerous demons
3:27 Hiddenlich Crocodile Bill: Are you getting any notified-
3:27 Beckitten27 beck: is it so wrong of me to wish i could help?
3:27 User909 Some of the demons start breathing fire at the Finnittanians, slaughtering many
3:27 Delta The Snivy Delta: Of course not
3:27 Hiddenlich *The Neimodian Elite's chest explodes as a demon shoves its arm threw the Elite's body
*Crocodile Bill grabs his focused plasma repeater
3:28 Delta The Snivy (Delta see's some Finnittanians figthing demons)
3:28 Hiddenlich *He opens fire on the demons in the bridge
3:28 Finn168719 The Finnittanian Squad leader started slicing numerous demons with a Demon Blood Scimitar
3:28 Hiddenlich (How can Delta see the Finnitanian soldiers from lightyears away?)
3:28 User909 The demons absorbed the damage, since it was a demon-powered equipment
The squad leader is devoured
3:29 Delta The Snivy (Video calling, remeber?)
3:29 User909 Crocodile Bill is able to kill some of the demons, but soon, the notice and start chasing after him
*He starts flinging grenades at the demons
3:30 Finn168719 Numerous demons are being blown to bits
3:30 User909 A part of the ceiling collapses and kills some of the demons
3:31 Delta The Snivy Delta: Univereseegee, Saniss, I'll need you to travel to the other side of the Magnaverse
3:31 User909 The hall, howver, is blocked
3:31 Finn168719 While damaging some stuff in the dock
3:31 Delta The Snivy Univereseegee: Alrigth then (teleports)
3:31 Finn168719 The  Magnaverse doesn't exist
3:31 Beckitten27 i really want to do something
3:31 Delta The Snivy Saniss: Finally, some action! (Leviates)
(magnaverse is another name for Magna' galaxy)
3:32 Hiddenlich *Crocodile Bill heads to his console and says this message over the intercom:
"All personnel evacuate this cruiser."
3:33 User909 Some of the soldiers use the escape pods
3:33 Delta The Snivy Univereseegee starts figthing some of the demons
3:34 User909 Some of the demons start possessing dead soldiers
3:34 Hiddenlich *Miniture warpspace portals open up in the hangar bay
3:34 Delta The Snivy Saniss finally arrives to the battle
3:34 Hiddenlich *Dozens of synthetic organisms exit them: Promydreg.png
Injured Soldier: WHAT ARE YOU?
3:35 Finn168719 Miniture warpspace portals also appeared, unleashing numerous Finnittanian Supersoldiers in Doomguy armor
3:36 Hiddenlich *The organisms immediately attack the super-soldiers with the twin blaster hands and their curved broadswords
3:36 Finn168719 The Super-soldiers started blasting the organisms with the SSG
You are now away.
While firing with the BFG-9000
Numerous BFG blasts are destroying the groups of Promydregs
3:37 Hiddenlich *Crocodile Bill is now surrounded by demons
3:37 Delta The Snivy *Saniss starts shooting demons with shoop da woops*
3:37 Hiddenlich (That's just the placeholder name for the image, Finn)
3:38 Finn168719 Okay
3:38 Hiddenlich Crocodile Bill: What the hell do you want from us?
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3:38 Finn168719 The Finnittanian Super-soldiers started raiding the Demon Infested ships
3:38 Delta The Snivy *Saniss also gets surrounded*
3:38 Finn168719 With the skills of Doomguy
ADgee has joined the chat.
3:38 Finn168719 Rip and tearing the Demons one by one
3:39 User909 Some of the super-soldiers are possessed and start fighting their squadmates
3:39 Delta The Snivy Delta: By now Saniss and Univereseegee should be back
You are no longer away.
3:39 Beckitten27 this is interesting
3:39 Hiddenlich Crocodile Bill: Are you just going to stand there and stare at me, or are you going to answer me? Or are you going to kill me?
3:40 Delta The Snivy Saniss: Same here!
3:40 User909 Demons: ...
An Archdemon shows up
3:40 Delta The Snivy Saniss: Bill, I think we're dead
3:40 Finn168719 The Super-Soldiers started BFGing the crap out of Demons
3:40 Hiddenlich Crocodile Bill: Are you their commanding officer?
3:41 Delta The Snivy Saniss: I'm pretty sure he is.
3:41 Beckitten27 beck: it's not fair! i never get to do anything useful!
ADgee has left the chat.
3:41 User909 Archdemon: We want what the lower kings couldn't give our lords. Praise Digomolati.
3:41 Beckitten27 (aka i'm getting frustrated)
3:41 Finn168719 Some of the Rooms in the Ship are free of demons
3:41 Delta The Snivy Saniss: Then leave us alone ArchDemon
3:42 Hiddenlich Crocodile Bill: Who is this "Digomolati"?
3:42 Delta The Snivy Saniss: He's some sort of demon god
3:42 User909 Archdemon: Soon, the new lord of GeeHell.
Archdemon: And also the new lord of this plane
3:42 Delta The Snivy Saniss: Delta learned about him at his time in the United 'Gess
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3:42 Hiddenlich Crocodile Bill: Do you think I worship your religion?
Crocodile Bill: Do you think I am bound to a temple?
3:43 Finn168719 The Supersoldiers started clearing multiple rooms
3:43 Delta The Snivy Saniss: I don't even follow any religion!
3:43 User909 Archdemon: If you don't already, them you're in for a ride...
The archdemon possesses Crocodile Bill
3:43 Hiddenlich Crocodile Bill: ARGHAERGAHOTIAO!
3:43 Delta The Snivy *Saniss Gulps*
3:43 Finn168719 As all the rooms (save for the one Crocodile  Bill is in) are cleared by Supersoldiers
3:43 Beckitten27 beck: i have no clue what i'm doing, and i'm frustrated to no end.
3:43 Delta The Snivy Saniss: Bill?
3:43 Finn168719 They decide to blow up the blockade to the Ship deck
3:44 Hiddenlich *Crocodile Bill's body starts to morph to the Archdemon's will
3:44 ADgee AD appears
3:44 Delta The Snivy Saniss: Not Good
3:44 User909 The body starts mutating, killing Bill. His soul goes to GeeHell.
3:44 Delta The Snivy Saniss: What did you do to him?
3:45 User909 Archdemon: He is not here anymore. And you're next
3:45 Finn168719 One of the Super soldier named John is trapped in the  Rubble, desperate to kill multiple demons only for the commander to tell him he is the demons, and then John is a zombie
3:45 User909 The Archdemon turns to Saniss and fires a beam of fire
3:45 ADgee AD: Archdemon,not while Im alive.
3:45 Hiddenlich *The fire destroys the console
3:45 ADgee AD unseathes a silver sword
3:45 Finn168719 The supersoldiers started mutilating the Demons with their fists
3:45 Hiddenlich *The demons charge at AD
3:46 User909 Several possessed supersoldiers show up and start beating the supersoldiers with their fists also
3:46 Finn168719 The possessed supersoldiers recieved a shotgun blast by the non-possessed ones in response
3:47 Hiddenlich *AD's sword starts to melt
3:47 ADgee AD: Impressive. But still.
3:47 Finn168719 One of the Supersoldiers fired the BFG blast at the Archdemon
3:48 Delta The Snivy *Saniss helps AD since AD saved his life*
3:48 ADgee AD uses his ice powers to freeze the meltdown
3:48 User909 The Archdemon is hurt a little, but he fires a hellfire bomb at the supersoldiers in exchange, killing seven
3:48 Delta The Snivy Saniss: Thanks for having my back there.
3:48 ADgee AD: Heh,your welcome.
3:48 User909 The Archdemon raises up a blue fire barrier and charges against Saniss
You are now away.
3:48 Hiddenlich (So many cracks in the fourth wall)
3:49 Delta The Snivy *Saniss uses Shoop da Whoops at ArchDemon*
3:49 ADgee AD blocks the attack
3:49 Finn168719 The Supersoldiers started firing at the  Archdemon with the Plasma Rifle
3:49 Delta The Snivy *Delta arrives, concerned about Saniss and Univereseegee)
3:50 User909 Half of the shoop da whoops and plasma are deflected
3:50 Delta The Snivy Delta: Are you guys alrigth?
3:50 User909 The supersoldiers are hit with some of the shoop da whoops and Saniss is hit by plasma
3:50 Delta The Snivy Saniss: I'm fine, leave this guy to AD and me
3:50 Finn168719 Flynn Taggart appears
3:50 ADgee AD: Yup.
3:51 Finn168719 Doomguy: Numerous demons are being killed I see...
You are no longer away.
3:51 Beckitten27 i'm bored because there's nothing to do
for me
3:51 Finn168719 Doomguy starts firing at the Demons with the chaingun
3:51 Delta The Snivy *Saniss plays his annoying Mogolovonio song to make the Arch
Demos ear bleed
3:51 Hiddenlich *The lights of the flagships start to shine brighter and brighter
3:51 Finn168719 few of the demons recognized Doomguy and started teleporting away in fear
3:51 Hiddenlich *The temperature of the ship starts to increase as well
3:51 User909 Archdemon: have a really terrible taste in music.
3:52 Delta The Snivy Saniss: That's the point
3:52 User909 The Archdemon grabs Saniss by the neck and bangs his head against the wall
3:52 ADgee AD: Heyª
3:52 Delta The Snivy Saniss: Ow, god
3:52 ADgee AD charges agaisnt the Archdemon
3:52 Hiddenlich *The utilities become corrupt or shut down
3:52 User909 The Archdemon throws Saniss against AD
3:52 Delta The Snivy I gotta go for a bit gonna eat supper
3:52 User909 aww
have a good meal
Delta The Snivy has left the chat.
3:52 Finn168719 Doomguy pulls out the chainsaw and cuts the demon in half
3:53 ADgee AD uses telekinesis to stop the throw
3:53 User909 AD hurts Saniss in the process
The Archdemon charges against AD
3:53 Finn168719 Doomguy cuts the bottom half of the Archdemon with a chainsaw
3:53 ADgee AD summons a big strong shield arround him
3:53 Hiddenlich *All of lights in the ship turn off as the red emergency flashers become active
3:54 User909 The Archdemon breaths a cloud of hellfire at Doomguy
Doomguy dies
3:54 Finn168719 Doomguy appears in GeeHell and starts wrecking havoc like he does in his past time
3:54 User909 Doomguy's soul is eventually enslaved by one of the local kings.
3:55 User909 Archdemon: Heh...I guess my job here is done. Watch this
The Archdemon starts heating up
3:55 Finn168719 The Slipgate portal opens and the Supersoldiers leave
3:55 ADgee AD: ...
3:55 Hiddenlich *The slipgate portal collapses
3:55 User909 The Archdemon explodes, damaging a large part of the ship
3:55 Hiddenlich *The super-soldiers that went into it are now trapped in limbo
You are now away.
*The front half of the ship has been destroyed by the explosion
You are no longer away.
3:56 Beckitten27 this rp is actually frustrating for me
3:56 Hiddenlich *All of the crew members and Finnitanian forces inside have died
Finn168719 has left the chat.
3:57 Hiddenlich *The Myrian ships finish off the Finnitanian and Keejodian fleets
3:58 User909 Crafteegee: ...Hmpf...why is it taking so long for them to come?
3:59 Hiddenlich Centinid Communications Manager: We have lost contact with all of the forces sent to investigate
4:00 User909 Crafteegee: Shit! I'm not sending forces to investigate the investigators!
You are now away.
Crafteegee: We can't invade the Digomolati Kingdom without the Finnittanians or the Keejod
Delta The Snivy has joined the chat.
4:01 Hiddenlich *Many warpspace portals open above wherever Crafteegee and his allies are
4:01 User909 Crafteegee: ?
4:02 Delta The Snivy Delta: Crafteegee, what's going on?
4:02 User909 Crafteegee: EVERYBODY BACK OFF
4:02 Delta The Snivy Delta: Huh?
4:02 Hiddenlich *Ten Myrian cruisers and approximately 320 fighters fly over the location
4:02 Delta The Snivy Delta: Hey, where's Sanis?
4:03 User909 Crafteegee: ...
Crafteegee: NOPE
Crafteegee runs away
4:03 Delta The Snivy Delta: ?
4:03 Hiddenlich Centinid Communications Manager: Saniss has gone missing
4:03 Delta The Snivy Delta: What about Univereseegee?
Univereseegee: Rigth here
4:04 Hiddenlich Centinid Communications Manager: He is missing too
*Universeegee has no memory of what happened when he went on the investigation mission
*He is unaware of Saniss's disappearance
4:04 Delta The Snivy Delta: Ok, since Crafteegee aborted the mission, let's go!
4:05 Hiddenlich *Centinids are being murdered on the streets by demonic entities
4:05 Delta The Snivy *Magicent attacks some of the demons
4:05 User909 Crafteegee runs to outside the military base and sees from far away ships attacking the cities
Crafteegee: AHHH THIS IS BAD
4:06 Delta The Snivy *Beta and Alpha (NOT ALPHAGUY) help Magicent
4:07 User909 Crafteegee tells the troops who are at the base to go there and fight the demons
4:08 Hiddenlich Centinid Diddly: I AM ON MY DING DONG DIDDLY WAY DID-DIDDLY!
You are no longer away.
4:08 Beckitten27 beck: i have a really bad feeling
4:08 Delta The Snivy *Delta Eat some Rare Candy Doritos and become Delperior*
Delperior: What?
4:09 Beckitten27 beck: kind of like bad things are happening. i wish i could help
4:09 Delta The Snivy Delperior: You can, here
*Delperior gives beck some Rare Candy Doritos*
4:10 Beckitten27 beck: thanks
4:10 Delta The Snivy Delperior: Eat 'em
4:10 User909 Centinid Jack X: Even better!
Centinid Jack X gives Beck a plasma blaster
Centinid Jack X: Now go there and kill 'em!
4:11 Delta The Snivy Delperior takes the strongest demon head-on
4:11 User909 The Archdemon starts shooting hellfire bombs at Delperior
4:11 Beckitten27 beck is ready to help
4:11 Delta The Snivy Delperior (In his mind): Probobly should of picked someone olse
Delperior uses Dark Paulse
4:12 User909 The Archdemon absorbs the dark energy, since he is ademon
*a demon
4:12 Delta The Snivy Delperior (In his mind): Crap, My dark matter attacks are no effect on him
4:12 User909 Archdemon: Yes, they're not!
4:13 Delta The Snivy Delperior: YOU CAN READ MINDS TOO?
4:13 User909 Archdemon: Duh
4:13 Delta The Snivy Delperior: Wait a second
4:13 User909 The Archdemon breaths a cloud of blue fire at Delperior
4:13 Delta The Snivy Delperior (in his mind): If he absorbs my Dark energy, can I absorbs his?
Delperior protects with a tornado
Delperior strikes back with Shadow Claw
4:15 User909 The attack somewhat damages the Archdemon
Archdemon: ...Weak
4:15 Delta The Snivy Delperior: Absorb my dark attacks all you want
Delperior: Your just following my plan
4:16 User909 The Archdemon grabs Delperior by the tail and starts slamming against the floor
4:16 Delta The Snivy Delperior: WHOAAAAA
Delperior repedetly uses Dark paulse at the Archdemon
You are now away.
4:16 User909 Meanwhile, the soldiers are trying to fight off against the demons, but with not much success
The Archdemon becomes even stronger
4:17 Delta The Snivy Beta: Alpha, these guys are becoming tougther
Delperior (in his mind): Absorbing too much is a hiderence)
Delperior uses Dark Void
4:18 User909 Archdemon: You know right a soul like mine can store up an absurd amount of energy, right?
The Archdemon absorbs the attack
4:18 Delta The Snivy Delperior: Not absurd enogth
4:19 User909 Archdemon: And what do you think it happens when it overflows?
Archdemon: Want to find out, kid?
4:19 Delta The Snivy Delperior: I'm gonna take you to hell!  Wait, what is that white figure in the distance?
You are no longer away.
4:19 Beckitten27 beck fires at one of the demons
4:20 User909 The demon becomes mad and chases after Beck
4:20 Delta The Snivy ???: ARCHDEMON I WILL  FUCK ING MURDER YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
4:20 User909 Archdemon: Not my name, dickhead, it's just a title.
4:21 Delta The Snivy The unknown being crashes down with a mighty punch and turn out to be Saniss
Saniss: Huh, I missed
4:21 User909 The Archdemon is knocked to the floor
4:21 Delta The Snivy Saniss: Nvm
4:21 Beckitten27 beck runs while trying to keep shooting (and probably failing)
4:22 User909 Beck is surrounded by demons
The Archdemon tries to counter Saniss attack
4:22 Beckitten27 beck: well i'm screwed
4:22 Delta The Snivy Saniss: You can't concentrate with this!
Saniss plays Mogolovonio
4:23 User909 Archdemon: ...I still don't get the point
The Archdemon punches Saniss
4:23 Delta The Snivy Saniss: Now, Delta...
4:23 User909 Beck sees a figure approaching from the skies towards her
4:24 Delta The Snivy Delperior: Alright, you asked for it...
Delperior: JUDGEMENT!!!!!!!!!
4:24 Beckitten27 beck: crap
ArmageddongeeITA has joined the chat.
4:24 Delta The Snivy Delperior strikes the Archdemon with the most holy attack in existance: Judgement
4:25 Beckitten27 hi arma
4:25 User909 A blade swoops down and guillotines down every single of the demon that were surrounding Beck
Turns out it was Magneehee
The Archdemon is weakened considerably
Archdemon: ...I got a last gift for you
The Archdemon starts heating up
4:25 Delta The Snivy Delperior: Huh?
4:25 ArmageddongeeITA Oh, hello party
4:25 User909 hi armok
4:26 Delta The Snivy Delperior: This isin't good
4:26 Beckitten27 beck: thank you
4:26 Delta The Snivy ??? (Not Saniss): HEY, DICKHEAD!
(Turns out to be omega)
4:26 User909 Magneehee: Huh? Oh, I meant to decapitate you also. Since you're alive, I might just as well ask your name
4:27 User909 The Archdemon explodes and damages Delperior, Saniss and Omega
4:27 Beckitten27 beck: i'm beck
4:27 Delta The Snivy OMEGA: HE STOLE MY DAMN GALAXY!!!
OMEGA fires deadly beams at both Delperior and Archdemon
4:27 User909 Magneehee: I'm Magneehee. I usually don't fight in any of your mortals' wars, but this is about my home the way, you seem to be the only human around here. Why?
4:28 User909 (The Archdemon died at the explosion he caused)
4:28 Delta The Snivy OMEGA: NOW FOR YOU, DELTA....
Delperior: Omega.....
Delperior: This is not how it ends.....
4:29 Beckitten27 beck: i'm not so sure, there probably were other people but... well, demons
4:29 Delta The Snivy Delperior: Alpha! Beta! Get over here!
Beta: What's the rush?
Alpha: Wait, is that Omega?
User909 has left the chat.
User909 has joined the chat.
Hiddenlich has left the chat.
4:31 Delta The Snivy Delperior: Yep, and this time he's serious
Delperior: So, are you with me?
Alpha and Beta: Of course
4:33 User909 Magneehee: I'll warn you once: This is not just another war that happens from time to time in this plane. Possession, enslavement or even worse things can happen to you if you are not careful.
4:33 Delta The Snivy Delperior, Alpha and Beta charge a giant Judgement againts OMEGA.
OMEGA dies