• Hiddenlich*A video is posted on GeeTube showing GeeAgents using the Weegee Stare on a group of Arlics.
  • 9:04ArmageddongeeITAArmageddongee: iiii don't really like this....
  • 9:05Beckitten27beck: why is this even happening?
  • 9:05ADgeeAD: Idk.
  • 9:05Finn168719Finnittania in response, decide to import the Weegee Virus sterilizers to allies in case of the United 'Gees invasion
  • 9:05Hiddenlich(My crude interpretation of a normal Arlic: Arlic_Male.png )
  • (A male Arlic...)
  • 9:06ArmageddongeeITAArmageddongee sighs
  • ArmageddongeeITA has left the chat. 
  • 9:09Finn168719EegeeW was missing from the United 'Gees Galaxy, presumed to be kidnapped by another nation as an intention to use him as a Bio-weapon in the war against Weegee
  • 9:09Beckitten27beck: well, is there anything we can do?
  • 9:10Hiddenlich*Daikon has proclaimed this GeeTube as evidence of Weegee's genocide against the countless races under the control of the United 'Gees Empire
  • 9:11Finn168719Finn declares that this GeeTube Video is an act of war
  • 9:11ADgeeso AD with Awesominia does
  • PacMario The Human has left the chat. 
  • 9:12Finn168719Which ironically the nation that kidnapped EegeeW can cause genocide against the Weegee Clones and the Fakegees
  • 9:13Beckitten27Beck: i'm sick of this! i'm going to do something and no one will stop me!
  • 9:13HiddenlichSheng: ME TOO!
  • 9:14ADgeeAD: ME TOO!!!one!
  • 9:14Finn168719Finn: Looks like we are entering a war.
  • 9:14Hiddenlich*A pact is formed once again against Weegee's tyranny
  • 9:14Finn168719Finnittania forms a Trade Bloc with the Keejod Republic and the Centinid Republic
  • The Finnittanian military experiments with the Weegee Virus, creating the Inhibitor to treat soldiers with the Weegee Virus, creating the Finnittanian Sentinels in the process
  • Hiddenlich has left the chat. 
  • 9:17Finn168719The head researcher stated that his inhibitors only slow down and keep the virus under control, or at best to alter its final effects.
  • Because of that, the Sentinels are said to be "immune" to the Weegee Virus.

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